What is Rehab Hospital?

Admissions Criteria & Referrals
Referrals may be made from healthcare facilities, physician, family, insurer, employer or self.

Admission typically begins with a social worker, case manager or physician's office contacting our Admissions Department on behalf of a patient. The nurse liaison and staff evaluate each patients' current condition, history and prognosis. If it is agreed that the patient is a good candidate for intensive rehabilitation, the admission process is begun through admissions and case management.

While most patients are referred by a physician, patients may begin their own self-referral process by contacting our Admissions Department. If your condition qualifies you as a patient then our staff will visit you and perform an assessment. If the assessment indicates you may be a good rehab candidate, our physicians review the assessment and make the final decision.

Patients are admitted to Rehab Hospital based on several medical criteria. In addition to being medically stable, patients must meet the following criteria:

Functional impairments in at least two of the following areas:

  • Mobility/motor skills
  • Activities of daily living (ADL)
  • Cognitive
  • Speech
  • Swallow

Medical Stability

  • Medical condition of patient needs to allow daily participation in therapy


  • Able to follow simple commands
  • Desires to participate
  • Able to learn and retain new information

Clinical complexity

  • Requires physician assessment at least 3 times per week and requires rehabilitation nursing 24 hours a day
  • Patient may require medical or psychosocial management of the following:

- Skin or wound care
- Pain or spasm
- Coping skills/adjustment to functional loss
- Bowel and bladder training - Medications
- Respiratory care
- Nutritional services

Progressive therapy program

  • Requires at least two disciplines and at least three hours a day at least five days per week
  • Therapy is spread out through at least an 8 hour period
  • Rest periods are allowed during treatment time

Patient coordination

  • Patient requires program coordination by an interdisciplinary team, assessment or service procurement (equipment, home care, etc.); patient/family education is needed, or; discharge planning/support (caregivers, etc.) is needed.
    • Ongoing needs assessment
    • Service procurement
    • Discharge planning/support
    • Patient/family education and training

If you have questions or would like additional details, please contact our admissions department at (260) 435-6121 (260) 435-6121 .