More Services

Inpatient services - Patients receive a minimum of three (3) hours of therapy a day. A wide range of treatment settings are available to meet individual needs. These areas range from the gym in the center of our facility to a pool for aqua therapy. Activities of Daily Living (ADL) settings include a kitchen, game and recreation areas, apartment settings, courtyard with different terrains, and of course, the patient's room.

Physical therapy involves gross motor skills. In everyday terms it involves activities such as walking, standing, lifting, dressing, getting into and out of a car, picking up objects, etc. Physical therapy assists patients in developing safe mobility in the home and community environments.

  • Exercises to improve strength, flexibility, endurance and balance
  • Instruction in home care exercise

Occupational therapy helps patients develop the skills to care for him or herself and deals with fine motor skills such as writing, opening cans, handling cooking utensils or operating machines.

  • Skills training for daily living
  • Strength and coordination training
  • Instruction for safe use of adaptive equipment
  • Techniques to conserve energy and simplify work

Speech therapy maximizes communication, cognitive skills and physical abilities:

  • Language skills for reasoning and problem solving
  • Comprehension, reading, writing and speaking
  • Functional tasks
  • Safe swallowing

Respiratory therapy involves maintaining or improving function of the airway, lungs and respiratory system.

Clinical psychology services help inpatients cope with neurological injuries and disorders, chronic pain, depression or emotional disorders:

  • Family therapy
  • Psychological testing
  • Mental capacity and dementia testing
  • Counseling for emotional disorders and adjustment to disability
  • Psychological pain management

Case management services ensure that each patient's full rehabilitation needs are met through the cooperation and coordination of all participating physicians and staff for a smooth transition back into the community.