Making a Referral

Making a Referral to Rehab Hospital Is Easy to Do

Step 1
Contact our admissions office at (260) 435-6121 (260) 435-6121 . Our admissions staff will ask for basic information in order to proceed with the assessment process.

Step 2
Our nurse liaison will contact the patient's discharge planner (at the facility where the patient is currently or other referral source) and gather the information. A copy of this report will be sent to our medical director for review and approval.

Step 3
If the patient is approved for admission our case management staff will pre-qualify insurance/medicare coverage and our admissions staff will arrange for transport to our facility. The referring physician and the patient's primary care physician will receive reports on the patient's treatment and progress at the time of discharge.

At the time of admission, our case managers will begin the process of discharge planning. Since we have an average length of stay (LOS) of only twelve (12) days, starting immediately allows time to make appropriate arrangements in the patient's community. Our case managers will locate resources that will be able to provide key services once they're home. This may include visiting nurses, outpatient therapy services and community referrals. It is our goal to ensure that each patient is in an appropriate, safe environment once they leave our facility.

If you have questions or would like to begin an admission, contact us today at (260) 435-6121 (260) 435-6121 .