Insurance & Medicare

Care at the Rehabilitation Hospital may be covered by a variety of insurance providers. Our admissions office staff and case managers will help identify specifics of your plan. If you have questions about your coverage, you should contact your insurance company.

Many insurance carriers require hospitals and physicians to precertify or recertify patients in order to consider payment of claims. This may be necessary whether you are covered by a commercial carrier, workers' compensation, Medicare, Medicare Replacement Plan, Medicaid, a health maintenance organization (HMO) or preferred provider organization (PPO). Our admissions office will notify the discharging facility once your admission has been approved by your insurance carrier.

Our Admissions Office is here to assist you by completing precertification requirements, verifying your healthcare benefits and determining calendar year deductibles, co-insurance, billable and non-billable services and follow-up expenses. We will help you understand your specific benefits and financial responsibility, if any. Please bring your insurance identification card with you to the hospital since we will need a copy in order to better serve you.

During your stay, your insurance carrier may require additional information, may discuss your case with our staff and may examine your medical records--all to determine that your treatment is medically necessary. You also may receive a letter from your carrier. Please contact your case manager if you have any questions regarding communication from your insurance carrier.

While you are ultimately responsible for your hospital account, please contact our billing department ( (260) 479-3550 (260) 479-3550 ) at any time if you have questions about your hospital bill.

Medicare You are responsible for the deductible and co-payments for Part A coverage. Part A does not cover private duty nurses or aides and services of a physician or surgeon.

The Rehabilitation Hospital of Fort Wayne, a licensed acute care hospital, is covered under Medicare Part A with a $1,260.00 deductible per benefit period. Medicare Part A covers semi-private room accommodations or private rooms when medically necessary, meals and routine nursing services. It includes drugs, supplies, therapy, laboratory and X-ray services while hospitalized.

Days continue to add up each time the patient is admitted to an inpatient hospital until they are physically out of the hospital for 60 full days. In other words, a patient could be in one hospital for 30 days, discharge for 20 days and be readmitted to the same or a different inpatient hospital for another 30 days and will use all of the full coverage days and begin coinsurance days. However, if the patient is discharged and is not receiving inpatient care in the hospital, they will rebuild their 60 full coverage days and would owe the deductible upon the next admission to an inpatient status in a hospital.

Replacement or Point of Service Managed Medicare plans vary on their benefit structure. Deductibles, copayments and coverage limitations should be reviewed with the specific plan. The Rehabilitation Hospital of Fort Wayne will be happy to verify your benefits for coverage in our facility and explain them to you.

2015 Costs at a Glance
Part B premium Most people pay $104.90 each month.
Part B deductible $147 per year.
Part A premium Most people don't pay a monthly premium for Part A. If you buy Part A, you'll pay up to $407 each month.
Part A hospital inpatient deductible You pay:
  • $1,260 deductible for each benefit period
  • Days 1-60: $0 coinsurance for each benefit period
  • Days 61-90: $315 coinsurance per day of each benefit period
  • Days 91 and beyond: $630 coinsurance per each "lifetime reserve day" after day 90 for each benefit period (up to 60 days over your lifetime)
  • Beyond lifetime reserve days: all costs

For more information visit Medicare's Web site.


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